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Reminiscence's Artists

Goals and Objectives

Artists of Reminiscences is an association of artists of visual art that aims to provide a forum for artists, writers, sculptors and individuals engaged in other visual media, in order to promote their training and artistic development.
The Society's mission is to provide young adults the avenues that enhance their self-esteem and keep them away from violence, despair and drug abuse.
The Association will enhance through art the nobler aspects of man, his intellect, his spirituality to benefit his physical and mental health.
The Reminiscences Artists Association proposes to include in its framework, members who can teach, conduct workshops and provide opportunities to exhibit their work.

Become a member of AOR
Founded in 2008, the Association of Artists Reminiscences had, since 2007, presented its artists in exhibitions in Quebec. The group invites all artists of visual art: painters, sculptors, writers and individuals engaged in other media of visual art, graphic and digital, to apply for membership in order to promote and share their training and artistic development.

Activities of AOR
AOR provides the opportunity for artists to express their thoughts, emotions and philosophies through their works. The association maintains access to exhibitions and art events. It offers opportunities for encounters between artists and encourages them to participate in contests. Its mission is to open avenues for youth and adults so they can enrich their lives through courses and workshops of drawing and painting. The association wants and is dedicated to develop the nobler aspects of human beings by emphasizing his most significant attributes, that is to say, his intellect, emotions and spirituality to enhance his physical and mental health.

Category membership
Anyone who wants can join LADR. There are three categories of membership: active member, associate member and honorary member.
The fee for active membership is $ 100.00 per year, the associate membership fee is $ 30.00. Finally, any individual or institution contributing significantly can become an honorary member.
Simply fill out the attached form and send it with your check or money order made to Reminiscences Artists Association to the Treasurer, Ms. Ginette Villeneuve,to the address mentioned below.

We welcome you among us.

President, Alix Rey

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