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Alix Rey

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Alix Rey has lived in Mexico and the United States before immigrating to Quebec in 2004. Always fascinated by visual art, he began his career painting on arrival in Montreal.

Self-taught, he has an interest in the traditional Haitian painting and the portraits. He also works in symbolism, abstract and contemporary art.

His paintings are, alternately, the reflection of his memories of Haiti and the expression of the West Indian identity in the present. Strong characters, emphasized by frank colors in oil on canvas, characterize his work. The sun is never far. "My paintings are a translation of my feelings. Instead of the pen, I use the brush. Of the relation between psychiatrist and the artist, he says: "the psychiatrist listened, the painter expresses".

President-founder of the Association of the Artists of Reminiscences/Reminiscence Artists (LADR) Alix Rey so expresses his attachment to his culture and to all the artists of this essence.

LADR is an association dedicated to offer a forum to the painters, the writers, the sculptors and the other artists of visual arts to pass the torch to the new generations.

Member of the International Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec, he participated in many exhibitions in Quebec and his paintings are known in the United States, Mexico and Santiago de Cuba.

His works can be viewed on the following sites:

Alix Rey Winner 24th Black History Month

— Mc. Cord Museum Montreal Book Fair, Association of French Writers, 2008;
— Centre Culturel de Pierrefonds, Quebec, under the Blacks History Month, 2008;
— Bureau Municipal de Loisirs #2, Laval, Quebec, in the framework of Creole Month in Montreal, 2008;
— La Perle retrouv?e, St. Michel, Quebec, 205th anniversary of the Haitian Flag Day, 2008.

183 Chemin de la Bretagne
Laval, QC. H7G 1X1
(450) 669-7444

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