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Gnipale Doudjengue

Dodh , not dreamed of becoming an artist when he was on the school benches , despite these teachers stated that he had a real talent for drawing . Temporarily using mason , he found the trigger of his artistic talent when his brother , with whom he lived, brought home his paintings painter friends. Dodh then began to draw , seeing his talent, he was advised to learn a trade in connection with the drawing. So he learned screen printing and painting advertisements. Then he met the master in which he would follow his training from 2009 to 2012 , Robert Falschau , Togolese painter.
Today Dodh produces tables that are dependent on an abstract aesthetic loaded from which emerge rich figurative elements , his works relate to the viewer 's vision of African culture. African woman and her paramount importance in maintaining the traditional culture of his country lives his works alongside objects like masks and musical instruments. Looking to the future this artist lives meaningful indicator of its culture in other cultures. To tell . To remember. To perpetrate what makes the rich African culture while creating and reinventing ways of its own to be visually player in this culture.

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