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  Ginette Roy Doura

Born in Cavaillon ( South of Haiti ), after his studies in Belgium, she moved to Quebec as CHEMIST , a graduate of the Université Libre de Bruxelles . Hosted in Drummondville, she taught there Sciences until 1996 when she moved to Montreal . In 1995 she began painting on canvas and took classes and painting workshops at the School of Fine Arts ARTS CENTRE SAIDYE Bronfman
of Montreal and is advised by the late Haitian painter Emmanuel Pierre- Charles . It explores the mediums : oil, pencil, charcoal , acrylic and various media: canvas, wood, paper, ceramics .
In 2001 she founded with her husband the publishing house Les Éditions RPC and uses his knowledge of art by performing BLANKETS and LAYOUT books it publishes.
Retired teacher , the artist works in her home in Boucherville and regularly participates in group shows or solo exhibits .
Member of the Artists of Reminiscences ( LADR )
Registered in the Directory of Artistic Diversity Montreal (DAM)
Member of the Arts Club of Montreal (TAC) .
Artistic approach
The artist took up art and colors by music, chemistry, photography, pottery before devoting himself to painting. It feeds on his memories of the homeland. Its highly colored subjects reflect its vision of women, strong, but how busy and preoccupied by the daily . It attempts to include on women's faces mixed feelings : sadness , sweetness, reverie , escape pain , solitude, wisdom , etc. . that drive them.
To push the boundaries of his artistic creations , she tries new techniques and indulges his imagination to each canvas and at the discretion of brush, knife or other instrument.
In this approach, it appropriates familiar objects jars , jugs, gourds , etc. ... govi . used by African and Haitian women . For the artist, these objects become confidants of these are women and body with them.
Paint : it is saying is crying, it is singing, it is a pleasure for the eyes of observers , this is the escape is smile at life is to live .

  • Janvier 2014 Centro Provincial de Artes Plasticas y Diseno,Santiago de Cuba, exposition de groupe
  • Juin 3013, Centre Léonardo Da Vinci, Exposition Artistes unis en ART-MONIE
  • Janvier 2013 Centre d’Art de Montréal 1844 rue William,Montréal
  • Février 2012, Expo mois de l’Histoire des Noirs, Laval Bibliothèque G. Guèvremont et biblio. Interculturelle
  • Octobre 2011, Rassemblement Pour l’ART HAÏTIEN, Pavillon. Bois Papineau 3235 Blv. St-Martin Est, Laval.
  • Septembre 2011 BRASSERIE CRÉOLE 227-02 Linden Blvd Jamaica NY 11411
  • Septembre 2011 SCHOMBURG CENTER for Research in black culture 515 Malcolm X  Blvd., NY 10037-1801
  • Octobre 2010, Écomusée du fier monde, rue Amherst, Montréal
  • Septembre 2010, Exposition collective CANGAS, Espagne
  • Septembre 2010, Hôtel Delta  475 Ave. prés. Kennedy Montréal, FONTAINE D’ESPOIRS en duo avec Houmano Eustache
  • Janvier-Mars 2010 Bureau du député de Papineau M. JUSTIN TRUDEAU,625 rue Faillon est, Montréal 
  • Septembre -Novembre 2009, Montréal, Espace Adagio, Hôtel Delta  475 Avenue président Kennedy, exposition solo 
  • Avril 2009, Montréal, Centre 7400, St Laurent, Montréal, exposition solo
  • Février -Mars 2009, LES BATTANTES, Galerie Mosaïkart,4897 St-Laurent, Montréal
  • Février 2009, Laoun Lunetterie, rues Sherbrooke et St- Denis,  Montréal, exposition de groupe
  • Septembre  2007, MAISON DES ARTS de LAVAL
  • Juillet 2007, Le RENDEZ-VOUS DES ARTS AU JARDIN, International Flora, Montréal
  • Janvier-Février 2007 Célébration  Mois de l’histoire des Noirs :Bureau de la Députée Fédérale RAYMONDE FOLCO, Laval 
  • Mai 2005, Symposium «PAROLE  EN ART», galerie Mosaïkart, 4897 St-Laurent, Montréal
  • Avril 2004 Drummondville, CEGEP DE DRUMMONDVILLE, exposition solo
  • Décembre 2003 Miami, HAÏTIAN ART IN THE DIASPORA, BROWARD COUNTY MAIN LIBRARY, 100 S. Andrews Av. Fort Lauderdale 
  • Juin 2000, N-Y, Brasserie Créole 227-02 Linden Blv. Cambria Heights, Queens, exposition solo
  • Octobre 1999 Montréal, CENTRE 7400, St Laurent, Montréal, exposition solo

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