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Dorcely III

Dorcely III is the youngest in the line of a family of painters. Fignolé P. Dorcély is a giant of modern art, which captures the essence of people in their symbols. Through his paintings we understand the need for its aesthetic approach in the approach to social subject, mystical, cosmological, psychoanalytical, historical and love and politics.

We could not hide his arrival in the paint. At the age of nine years Dorcély III already mastering the brush like a master. It will therefore be encouraged to continue along this path by his father and mother, Voyant Dorcély and Georgette Nelson.

Dorcély III emigrated to Paris in 1991 where he continues to do his job brilliantly. He will be exhibiting in several European cities. His most notable exhibitions, to name but a few: the Grand Palais d'Iena, Paris, Space Concorde Asnières, where he received the prize of the city, the exhibition of French painters in Paris at

during which he was a great success in representing his country proudly. The artist has traveled the world: the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, St. Martin, Curacao, United States of America, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Holland, Italy, Spain and the United USA.

In 1997, Dorcély III decided to move to Montreal where he met Emmanuel Pierre Charles, a great painter of Haiti. A beautiful friendship associated with this meeting and together they hold many exhibitions, accentuating the beauty of modern painting and naive.

2001 Dorcely III exhibit solo at the Consulate of Haiti in New York where Honor and Merit will be awarded to him so well surrounded the Haitian culture in his paintings.

N. B. painting Dorcély III is an open book, she lives and speaks in pictures and colors.

Christian Bégiuer

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