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Edzer Prophete

From an early age I start drawing. After high school (1994), I go to ENARTS (National School of Arts). Due to internal school problems, I had to register with ART-EXPO Valcin II to become more familiar with the colors.

In 1999, I had the opportunity to win the second prize of an artistic contest realized by radio solidarity (107.1 FM Stereo)

In December of that same year, I participated in a group exhibition composed of 4 painters and a sculptor in a gallery called Art-au-Maximum.

From 1998 to 2008, I actively participated in the artistic decoration of floats and stands during carnival periods.

In fact, I developed several styles, but Valcin II always influenced me.

During my artistic career I did not have the opportunity to keep a style of my own, because my main source of income was in civil engineering and design architecture.

Arrived in Canada in 2009, I painted rarely because I was doing a bachelor's degree in urban planning. Encouraged by my friends, I start painting regularly in 2019. It is from this year that I explore painting on tubes. I even have a collection that I call Tube-Art.

So far, I am trying to position myself in the artistic field, because I have not yet developed a style that can identify me.

I like to paint what comes to mind without worrying about public appreciation.

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