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Enock Zamor

It was in August 1969 that Enock Zamor immigrated to Quebec (Canada). He dabbed into multiple fields having an affinity for literature and art. He first obtained his bachelor in education from the Universite du Quebec. He widens his horizon by completing a D.E.C. in architectural studies. Then came the era of computers & early on he secured himself a certificate in programming from NRI (National Radio Institute). Between education, architecture and computer sciences, he decided to settle for graphic design and communication. Unifying the 2 subjects gave him the opportunity to put forth his wealth of knowledge & versatility.

His passion for art has been evident from a very young age. Early on, he possessed the inherent skill of drawing with chalk & pencil. Throughout his life, he experimented with other mediums; always looking for innovating ways to express his inner soul through art. This expression, he felt, needed structure and order, so in 2005 he enrolled as an apprentice under the guidance of Master Painter Mr. Khalil Antoniades (Member & vice-president of the "Association Les Artistes de Reminiscence" and Member of the "Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal")


— November 29, 2008, The library Gabrielle Roy, Laval (Quebec) ,
Month Creole;

— November 17, 2008. La Salle Leisure BML2, Laval (Québec),
Month Creole;

— August 23, 2008, McCord Museum, Montreal (Quebec),
Book Fair and Haitian Art;

— May 18, 2008, La Perle Retrouvée, Montréal (Québec),
205ième anniversary of the Haitian flag.

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