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Myrna Arteaga

Born in Mexico, she arrived in Quebec in March 1989. She already held a bachelor's degree in architecture from the Autonomous University of Mexico. She has taught technical drawing at the Center for Technology in Coyoacán, Mexico.

In Montreal, Myrna earned a Master Planning degree in 1993 at the University of Montreal and a degree as social work technician at Cégep Marie-Victorin. Since 1996, she worked at the Hospital L. H. Lafontaine as social service technician. In 2007, she obtained a Masters in Social Work from the University of Montreal.

She has conducted art classes at the Centre St-Isaac-Jogues. She attended private classes in drawing and painting, with master artist Khalil Antoniadis. In 1999, she attended

attended Workshop of the Movement, in 2000, the workshop Tim Yum Lao, and in 2004, the workshop of the Pantocrator with sister Denise Rioux and Mr. A Sovolev.

Since 1992, Myrna has exhibited in several sites in the City of Montreal: The Centre St. Matthew and the library of Mile End, Gesture Workshop, Exhibition Centre of the Faculty of Management, University of Montreal, the library's Hospital L. H. Lafontaine.

She participated in the exhibition "Art of stakeholders" in the Gallery Space, Gallery Frezza and Van Houtte Coffee at the corner of Laurier and Park Avenues.

Her working style is Impressionism. She uses the following media that are part of the works she has created over several years: acrylic, watercolor and oil.

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