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Marie Yolaine Sanon

A native of Jeremie (Haiti). My primary and secondary education were made to the Sisters of Providence to Jeremiah and the daughters of Mary in Port-au-Prince.

The host country, I got a D.E.C. In Gerontology, a D.E.C. In Special Education and a Bachelor of psychosocial intervention.

As part of my profession, I worked more than twenty years in the hospital RDP and psychiatric rehabilitation center.

To rub the misery and human degradation, we end up not seeing the beauty of nature. It was a lack in my life.


I paint what I see. The beauties of nature fascinate me. I can fall into a swoon at a little flower, a sunset, twilight blue and I am moved to tears.

Paint meets a need long buried in my subconscious. It's a personal pleasure like a spiritual value that drives me to a blank canvas.

To be painted sharpens my senses, enlighten my vision. Now I see life from different angles and I am very glad. The passion for painting has always been inhabited since my childhood. My first sketch was born Elie Dubois school where classes tend to focus on manual dexterity. There I took my first painting on wood.

I was then led to other ways, until I stop working.

Now having enough free time to indulge myself, I chose to get back to painting, in preference to other mediums that I had at my disposal. And here I am!

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