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The graphic arts have always had an important place for Ginette Allard Villeneuve.
Whether it was drawing in her twenties and photography since a long time, she has expressed her creativity in various forms.
Tinkering with her grandchildren, decoration and horticulture are very much a part of her artistic development.

Only recently she has taken the brush to revisit her pictures, explore color, transpose on canvas the small daily pleasures. "When you live with an artist, you are pleased to share what is expressed visually in the first brush stroke and painting makes you evolve," she said.

She signs under the pseudonym of Gin her paintings generally made of acrylic. The starting point is often the color that she tries to integrate in a subject. She does not consider himself a pure self-taught because "You always learn from someone."

Executive Director in advertising in Quebec, Gin has always believed that her love of art in general has fostered creativity in her career.

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