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Yvon Villarceau

Yvon Villarceau, BFA, B.Ed., is a multidisciplinary artist. From Haiti, he immigrated to Canada in 1972. He curated and display at Studio Colorlux African-Canadian, one of the first centers artist-run, in Winnipeg. He was artist in residence at St. Norbert Center for "Last Stop" by Gerry Atwell. He represented Canada to Dak'Art in Dakar Biennale, Senegal and videograms Saw Video in Helsinki, Finland. His works are in collections of the city of Ottawa and the Ministry of external. He has won several awards and scholarships Advice provincial and national arts and was an educator guide at the Museum of National Gallery of Canada for several years, giving tours School of the collection and conducting art workshops. its current work involves the installation of a sculpture Octagon multifunctional dedicated to art and agriculture. construction nan of Lalkademi dekoulvèt, Plato Renauld, Haiti began in the summer of 2008 and is today a multi-purpose center for arts, medicine and agriculture. On the site, has spent two Afro-hairstyle festivals Kreyòl, three medical clinics Dr. Jean Maurice mobile Duré, a workshop Prevention Cholera, an art center and education for the population of the Plato Renauld region. Villarceau Yvon received his Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Manitoba and the University of Ottawa a Bachelor of Education. He recently completed a successful QA (Additional Qualifications) Queens University for teaching art in high school. Poet and teacher of art as well as painter, he works in an original style called "Cube-organic", derived from literary style Ayisyen the spiralisme.

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