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Ricardo Fleuraguste

Since my childhood, I see drawing as the external reflection of my emotions and my inner life. This is my catharsis, this ancient therapy, which the Greeks knew so well the secret. Art, as I feel, as I practice, it is a mode of expression, a system of signs located beyond words. It can therefore safely to compromise, to dispense with the word that, anyway, only succeeded in restricting the field of action. The true art is that verbalizes to shrink, to subdue. Everything I say painting or drawing also applies to the sculpture. Except that the latter seems more likely to be lulled on the wings of a reality that seems unable to escape too long. However audacity help, they are not few who, in a moment of supreme rebellion, reinvent the world by hiding all traces of known things, interpretable and predictable.
The total absence of preconceptions. Here is my program! The art in the first degree, it is. Is there a better way of working when you want to leave completely blank to the ground What ever grow new plants?

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