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Marie Madeleine

My name is Marie-Madeleine NZAMBI. I was born into a family of scientists. I cannot explain this penchant for art. But I know it started very young. At 3, I was asked to reproduce the image of the Pope we had at home and to interpret it. Once the drawing finished, I explained that the Pope who killed mosquitoes. It is necessary to believe that the interpretation that one has of a work depends on the sensitivity of the one who looks at it.

At primary school, my favorite subject was plastic art. Once in college, I started attending the workshop organized by my teacher. I even became the head of paintings. a role that I liked very much. My teacher, this great artist, as well as my parents, encouraged me in what I still call my `` favorite time '' One day hoping to do my job.
In high school I also took art classes. I spent my literary BAC with plastic art and reinforced English option. During the ten years spent in France, I did not really live my art. I will say that I suffered because it was necessary to answer the topics chosen in class, the requirements of my teacher, etc.

Once in Canada, I started painting again for fun. By the way, the first thing I visited was an art gallery at the Old Port. I had the impression of landing in a place where there was no need, no barrier: total freedom.

Regarding my style, I love bright colors on a dark background. I tried to represent the concept of what I perceive as freedom, lightness, escape. A little like those characters in the myth of the cave who only see the real world as the shadows cast by the light coming from the outside. Through my painters, I want to travel to a world of light.

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