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Maxo Lauture


An international multidisciplinary artist, MaxoLauture was born in Jacmel, Haiti in 1973. He is a painter, sculptor, musician, composer and performer.

Bearer of ancestral traditions, his father was a leaf doctor (herbalist) and his mother was a healer. Since his childhood, he explores the art of percussion and song. At the age of 14, he had to help his family and entered the job market, where he became an apprentice student of famous Haitian artists in the fields of painting, sculpture and papier mache. He participated in the creation of masks for the Jacmelpendant carnival for several years.

Passionate about the arts, he founded a Cultural Center for disadvantaged children and a cooperative workshop-gallery for young artists. music and in particular by taking part in debates or by making engaging videos. In a country like Haiti, the risks of engagement are high, his life then becomes in danger and he is forced into exile.

From Mexico City to Montreal, passing by several cities in the United States, the realities and human conditions that he discovers confront him with his human values acquired throughout his journey. According to him, he survived thanks to them and his art. He founded the musical training Jah Zaka in Mexico City.

Since arriving in Quebec in 2017, he has painted and presented his exhibition workers in Montreal and the Eastern Townships in order to participate in his own way in the life of his new community. He also led painting and percussion workshops with young immigrants in Ahuntsic and ATSA during artistic and cultural activities in order to better understand the issues related to migration to the general public.


Of spontaneous and intuitive styles, my creative experience is focused on freedom of thought and the automatism of gesture. The themes of my work are drawn from the mythology and wisdom of the Haitian peasantry. The symbols and attributes of nature spirits are widely represented.

Sensitive to social commitment, I express myself through a combined technique of acrylic paint and collage of recycled objects. During my compositions, I do not try to create an ideal or reproduce nature, but rather to shape an energy through mixtures of colors and textured effects.

Painting helps me share my knowledge. In Voodoo, each loas (spirit of the elements) has its own color, frequency and rhythm. They are representations that help us to experience the spiritual side of life, the invisible.

Through my paintings, I hope that people feel what the Loas have to offer us positive. And that they help them to open up real values such as respect and sharing. Currently, I want the peace of mind to innovate new techniques to express myself and share freely.

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