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  Sophie Germain


The painter Sophie Germain was born on May 19, 1968 in Verdun, Quebec, Canada. From an early age, she demonstrated an instinctive talent for drawing and her school notebooks overflowed with sketches. Then it is in perfect autodidact that she learns to paint guided by her imagination.

At the age of 19, she ventured into the Haitian countryside where she stayed there with her family for several years. Founder of schools, community projects and a famous festival of traditional cultures, she designs stage sets and costumes, implements numerous cultural mediation projects and also organizes humanitarian and exchange trips. intercultural.

His experience with the poorest people on the planet for 30 years has instilled in him humanist values and a colorful life!

His academic career is marked by studies in plastic arts, art history and humanities. She is passionate about philosophy, mythology and various understandings of the world. For Sophie, the rituals and the tales of origin are precious materials to explore which touch on our very current questions as for the bringing together of men as well as the protection of ecology.

His life as a visual artist has been punctuated by a few individual and group exhibitions, but the real realization of his dreams comes during his first intensive five-month creative period in 2018 and his exhibition at the International Museum of Naive Art in Magog. His present intention is to let this energy emerge at the source of his authenticity, to express it and to share it.


Idealist, very young, I remember being naturally attracted by the harmony of forms, the marriage of colors and voids between objects. My sensitive relationship with nature and my family values enrich my needs for openness to diversity and freedom of expression.

My long journey in Haiti and my intimate relationship with the Haitian peasantry introduce me to the rhythms and rites of ancestral knowledge from which I draw inspiration for my works. The themes come to me from diverse interpretations of the world, from dreams and interior visions that allow me to open multiple borders.

My creative process is based on intuition and imagination. Sometimes I paint out of a need to consciously go against social dictates such as pressure, speed or efficiency. So my subjects are more intellectualized and with a concern for equity and collective awakening.

It is through associations of spontaneous or sought-after ideas that my acrylic compositions, sometimes mixed with collages of objects or images, take shape and sometimes prove to be singularly out of time and space.

Currently living in Quebec, I reconnect with my roots and my natural gifts. By this creative impulse, I wish to highlight the importance of valuing certain paradigms lost in the course of modernization such as our sensitivity in connection with the elements and natural cycles, the heritage of the living world.

In my opinion, the act of creating is fundamentally a restorative, unifying, unifying gesture which becomes a means of meeting with oneself and others, with our ways of doing, thinking and being in order to renew our self-understanding. , everything that surrounds us and the invisible too ... Everything is interconnected.

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