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Nerlyne Jean-Baptiste

She grew up in Haïti, the carribean island where art is valued to help discover the values and beauty of this small place in the West Indies

I had my first contact with art at age 11 y bécame interested when I atended an Art Summer Camp. It was The Haïtían School of Fine Arts located at Champ-de-Mars in Port-au-Prince.

I had the pleasure to try different forms of art such as drawing, painting, ceramics. I finished secondary school and began University in Haïti and returned to Canada in 2001 to complete my studies. In 2006 I decided to register for painting classes. I am a member and an advisor on the Executive Board of Reminiscences Artists and have participated in numerous exhibits.

Artist statement: "When I am in front of my canvas, I give freewheel to my imagination to drive to places where other people cannot reach. Only I can give them the pass to that world from my painting that I enjoy sharing with them".


— Mai 2007; « La Perle Retrouvée », Montréal, QC

— Mai 2008 pour les 205ième anniversaire de drapeau haïtien, « La perle retrouvée », Montréal, QC

— Août 2008; « Foire du livre »; « Association des Écrivains Francophones »; Musée McCord; Montréal, QC

— Octobre 2008 « Le mois du créole »

— Novembre 2008 « Le mois du créole »

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