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Marc Romulus

On 21 September 1977, after three years and four months of daily struggle against the moral and physical torture of the Duvalier regime, I recovered my freedom with 104 compatriots. Duvalierism, who raised the torture methods darkest era of slavery and the Nazi concentration camps, had made ​​every effort to depersonalize us, reduce us to the status of a beast and we devote a certain death in the most horrible conditions. Many have fallen. However, they struggled with the last determination, trying every day to push back the deadline death.

Some, like us, were able to resist and escape this hell. People often wonder how. I bring to you the testimony of a bitter experience, lived day to day in our flesh and conscience. People will wonder where is the truth in all this? There are things that defy the imagination of people imbued with justice and the rights of man and citizen. I do not blame them, however, but they realize once and for all what their government condone barbarism and encourages military and economic assistance, including criminal use is a secret ........


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