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Vertus Saint-louis

Professor Vertus Saint-Louis was born in Thomonde (Haiti) February 18, 1940. He studied medicine before engaging in studies of history and get a doctorate in this discipline.

About Professor Vertus Saint-Louis



"Military rule and regulations of Culture 1801"
Critical paths, Port-au-Prince, December 1993
"The citizen and African words for the Haitian Revolution"
LaënnecHurbon. The insurrection of the slaves of Santo Domingo ...
Karthala, 2000.
"Knowledge of the nature and history writing. Santo Domingo to Haiti "Paths Reviews, January 2001.
"Women and families in the slave society of Santo Domingo," Journal of the Haitian Society of History and Geography, January-March 2002, no. 210, p. 2-12.
"The assassination of Dessalines and limitations of Haitian society face the international market," Y. Bénot and Mr. Dorigny. Restoration of slavery in the French colonies. The origins of Haiti. Larose and Maisonnneuve 2003 162-177.
"The war in the South and international trade issues," Journal of the Haitian Society of History and Geography, No. 213, 2002.
This article was translated into Portuguese by Professor Jaime Almeida and then be published under the title: "A guerra e as Apostas do comérciointernacional" in texting Historia, Revista do Programa de pos-graduação da UnB, Volume 13, Numbers 1 / 2, 2005.
"International Relations and political class in Haiti (1789-1814)," Overseas Seas, 2003, second semester. "
"Hunger and the end of the aborigines of Haiti. "Critical Paths, 2005, 130-158.
"Sugar and Ayiti stand" Tender rings of memory, Nantes, 2005.
"The emergence of the term" African "during the revolution in Santo Domingo" Ethnologies, vol. 28, 1, 2006, issue dedicated to Haiti, under the title: Haiti face increased / Confronting the Past, 147-167.
"Moreau de Saiint Mery and fear of philosophy" in Moreau de Saint-Mery or ambiguities of a Creole Lights, proceedings of the conference organized by the Departmental Archives of Martinique ... (September 10-11, 2004 , Society of Friends archives and research on the cultural heritage of the West Indies, 2006.
"Myth leaders myth of race, mystification, (1789-1825)," Conjunction, Port-au-Prince.
"Foreign Trade and concept of independence in Haiti (1807-1827)," Genesis of the Haitian State, 1804-1859, Ed House of Human Sciences, Paris, 2009.

Preface to the 2006 reissue:
Colonialism and Science.Saint Domingue in the Old Regime, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London, First Edition, 1992, The Johns Hopskins University Press.

Upcoming Articles
: Power Struggles and continuity of the foreign presence in Haiti, 1798 - 1915 "
: Republicans, Africans and the abolition of slavery in Santo Domingo, 1793-1794) "

Unpublished articles
: The Agrarian Policy of Petion and the end of plantation system in Haiti
: Sugar, science and revolution in Haiti.
: How to understand the disappearance of sugar in Haiti after 1804.
: Law, Commerce and revolution in Saint-Domingue (1789-1804) "
: The Black Code, the system of people and the Haitian Revolution

Colonial system and feeding problems. Saint-Domingue
CIDIHCA eighteenth century, Montreal, 1999.
The origins of the tragedy in Haiti. Law and maritime trade, 1794 -1806, Port-au-Prince, Printer II, 2006.

Sea and freedom, Haiti, 1492-1794.

Current research topics:

Slavery and otherness
Colonization and science

Professor Virtues St. Louis participated in seminars, conferences and congresses, among which we can remember:

Congress on the issue of blacks in Brazil (Sao Paulo, Brasilia 1995 and 2005)
Conference on the Slave Route (Port-au-Prince, December 1997 and Pointe a Pitre, January 1998.
Conference on the abolition of slavery (Fort de France, 1998)
Conference of Historians of the Caribbean (Havana 1999)
Symposium: Women and Slavery (Port-au-Prince, 2000)
Conference on the bicentenary of Haiti's independence (John Carter Brown Library, 2004)
Conference on the restoration of slavery in the French colonies (Paris 8, 2004)
Symposium on Moreau de Saint-Mery (Fort de France, 2005)
Symposium "Haiti and the Atlantic World," Montreal, 2008.

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