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The gallery of 23 y C hosted Reminiscences Artists: Ginette Doura, Ghislaine Charles, Rose-Marie Lafontant, Suzy Reimers, Ginette Villeneuve, Edric Pierre-Louis, Eddy Royere and me to an exhibit of our paintingss in an academic intercultural exchange with faculty and students of the Centre from 15th to 17th of January.

The opening Saturday 16 well was rushed by students, faculty and master painters, the general public and the descendants of the Haitian community in Cuba. The commentator of Radio Havana Creole, Hilario Batista, granted us an interview.

We were invited to participate in Creole Month in Havana from 24 to 27 August 2016. Cuba has more than a million Haitian descendants and the radio serves over 500,000 Creole speaking citizens, according to Professor Eliseo Alfonso.

LADR is invited to hold an art exhibit at the West Indian Centre Marianao in 2017 and Pinar del Rio, bastion of artists, which we will postpone until November 2018.

Although sales of paintings are almost impossible due to wages in Cuba, we congratulate our colleague Edric Pierre-Louis for its sale / exchange with Professor Dayan Abrante.

We thank the Director of the Center, Professor Aristides Ahmed Gutierrez Ferrero for a superb scenography and Professor Jose Miguel Perez licensee who had an art exhibit in Ottawa in 2014 and received us at his home for a talk on contemporary art. His work is exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana. I encourage you to admire his work on the web under his name.

I thank the volonteers of LADR, Dr. Robert .Élie Fred Doura and Dumas Lafontant. I am especially grateful to my wife Ginette Villeneuve and our Chair of the exhibit committee, Ginette Doura for their support during the installation of the exhibition.

Finally a big thank you to our contact in Havana, Professor and master painter, Alejandro Duran, without whom this art exhibit would not have materialized.


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